General Specifications

Supply Pressure

Trip repeatability: 1.4 barg to 8.75 barg (20 psig to 125 psig) Standard operating media: Air/gas

Ambient Operating Temperature

-20 to 60°C (0 to 145°F)

Process Operating Temperature

-20 to 400°C (0 to 750°F)

Performance and Accuracy

Trip repeatability: 0.25% of sensed pressure range

Deadband between trip and reset: Minimum 0.5% of sensed pressure range

Difference between high and low setpoints: Minimum 0.7 barg (10 psig) plus 5% of sensed pressure range

Supply pressure effect on trip repeatability: None

Required number of trips (actual or simulated) per month to assure performance: Not required

Setpoint shift: With overpressure within specified limits: None
With time, per year: None

Nominal accuracy of process pressure gauge: 1% of full scale

Setpoint dials: (50 or 60) division = 100% operating pressure range) Repeatability returning to a marked setpoint after moving the dial: 1% or better

Typical Supply Consumption

Standard unit in active range: 12 bubble/min. typical at 3.5barg (50 psig) input supply pressure/.037 barg (1.5 in. water column)

In tripped state at 1.6 barg (23 psig) supply: 0.00043 nm3/min (0.016 scfm)

In tripped state with manual reset, per trip event: Volume of tubes and devices connected to output, plus approximately 0.5 liter (1 pint)


Metal parts in contact with process: All 316 stainless steel

Metal parts, structural and mechanical: All 300 series stainless steel

Metal parts, pressure gauges: All 300 series stainless steel

Elastomer seals: Viton, no seals in contact with process fluid

Sliding seals: None


Four (4) 1/4" npt female, facing to the rear of all standard units

Special Tools

None required

Alignment Procedure

Same as for precision chart recorders

Recommended Spare Parts

One (1) common small parts kit

Technical Specifications & Features

Technical Specifications